VINNIES SOCIAL JUSTICE NIGHT – This night aims to give participants a chance to walk in the shoes of someone society seems to have forgotten about. It will be a challenging night for those who come along and will attempt to get you to feel what it is like to miss out on certain things that others just get. The night will also give you some ideas of what YOU can do in terms of social justice. There will be many fun activities and games on the night but hopefully, you will also get some experience and insight out of the night as well. So, do you have the courage to come along? The night will start at 6:30pm and dinner will be a sausage sizzle on the night with Gluten Free and Vegetarian options available. The night will be over by 9pm, but I hope the lessons you learn will stay with you for years to come! The night is open to anyone in grade 8 and above!



Altitude is a program that is a step up from Friday Night Live. While the program is faith-based, it is open to anyone, even if they do not have a faith or spirituality. A standard night will include games, food, fellowship and team and self-developmental activities. Open to all students from any school, years 8-12.

Altitude runs roughly on a fortnightly basis on around 3-4 Friday nights during the school terms. 3 of these are at the Parish Centre, and the last Altitude of each Term is usually a Social Night, where we head somewhere fun like bowling, laser tag, the movies, skating, rock-climbing, trampolining and more! Sometimes we even opt to do a day instead!

Check back to this site regularly for upcoming Altitude Term dates.

You can download the permission form on the Forms page. These are valid for the 2018 year for Altitude events at the Parish Centre. Outings and Social Nights at external venues will have specific forms distributed.

A typical night starts at 6:30pm on a Friday and ends at 9pm.


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