Annual Retreat ‘WAVES’


Join us for our annual All Saints retreat during these school holidays in December! This is open to all high schoolers and recent school leavers and is a time to chill out, have a good time and look into the impact we can make in our lives. Retreat is filled with opportunities to meet other young people from across the archdiocese, hear great speakers; a whole range of exciting games and activities; time to reconnect with God; and have an all-around memorable experience. This year our theme is: ‘Waves’, where we will be looking at the impact we can make on the people around us and how we can really see the impacts of our actions.

When: Friday 14th (2 pm) Sunday 16th (12pm) of December 2018.

Where: Marian Valley Retreat Centre, 2541 Beechmont Rd, Witheren QLD 4275.

Cost: $75

Who: High Schoolers and Recent School Leavers (12 20 year olds).

Payment: Payment is to be paid in cash to the All Saints Parish office before the RSVP date OR until places run out. Payment can also be paid via Bank Account and the details for that are written in the form. Return completed forms either via email or handing to Tom at the office. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me. God bless, Tom. 

About the facilitator: Tom is the Youth Coordinator at All Saints Parish and will be running the retreat with the help of some guest speakers. He is very experienced at running retreats due to his time on the Passionist Youth Retreat Team. He has facilitated many retreats at schools across Australia and has a great passion for youth. His spirituality and style has been commented on by many to be laid back and very open. This has allowed for many people, even those who may not consider themselves faithful to get a lot out of Tom’s retreats. He firmly believes in the power of fellowship through games and social activities and meeting people where they are at in their life.

 If you are keen to come on this retreat, then fill out THIS form All Saints Youth Ministry Retreat 2018 and return it to Tom at the parish office (4 Faheys Road East Albany Creek). Alternatively, you can scan the filled out document and send it to Places are LIMITED so be sure to get your forms and payment in as quickly as possible. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me!

Tom Warren                                                                                                  0417725012

All Saints Youth Coordinator