“The best gift we can give those we love is a complete, healthy and ultimately the best version of ourselves possible” – Jose Ramon Sanchez.

Brawn is a weekly ministry run on a Saturday morning that encourages us to be our best selves. Our motto is “Become stronger, reach higher”. We are called by Christ to strengthen the relationship we have with Jesus, be self-aware of our minds and bodies and to reach our potential.

At Brawn, we run a varied fitness program ranging from park runs, mountain climbs, beach trips, sports and much more on a weekly basis which is organised by volunteers. Additionally, the week’s scriptures are read to the group and we reflect on how we can achieve our collective aim of being the best people we can be.

The run time and location of the program vary on what activity is being done, but it is always free (Unless we go somewhere charging for entry) and open to anyone aged 16 and over!

I look forward to journeying with you all on this new ministry.

“Fortune Favours the Bold”