Friday Night Live!

Friday night Live!


Friday Night Live is a new program for children in grades 6, 7 and and those in their last term of grade 5. Friday Night Live is all about having fun and experiencing friendship and discovering faith at a very surface level. This means that the program lends itself well to those who are only just discovering their faith but also to those who want to learn more. Friday Night Live also serves a dual purpose as it is a fantastic place for those in grades 8 and up to grow and develop leadership skills for the future, allowing them to have fun and also develop themselves at the same time.

The program runs roughly on a fortnightly basis to fit 4 nights in a term. Each term there are 2 normal nights, a theme night and a social night. Normal nights sound bland but they are exciting nights full of fun, good food and friends. A theme night is very similar however a theme such as Super Hero’s or Harry Potter will make the night that little bit more exciting! A social night is where we will go out of the parish to somewhere like lazer tag or bowling!

A normal or theme nights costs $5 and runs from 6pm to 9pm on a Friday night and a social night typically costs around $25 and will run on a similar time (Depending on the venue).

The form for this program is the same as the Altitude program and can be found on the Forms page. We look forward to having a fun filled night if you choose to come along.

The Friday Night Live dates are as follows for the term (Please note that these could change). 20th of April, 11th of May (Star Wars theme night), ( 25 of MAY HAS BEEN CANCELLED) and 15th of June (Laser Tag social night).